Artist: The Soil and the Sun

Album: Meridian

Year: 2014

I was first introduced to this band by my lovely girlfriend, Rachael,about a year ago. This is the first album of theirs that I’ve listened to all the way through.

The album starts off with an ambient instrumental that feels very deliberate and transitions well into the next song, “Are You?”

It was pretty immediately evident that the band’s lyrics were very spiritual - but not in the way that one might suspect. It’s obvious that a lot of time and consideration was put into the choosing the words they did - and those words evoke questions within ourselves, regarding our own faith. With lyrics like; “Were you in the fire? Did you pass me by? Will I always wonder why?” – Which might leave us wondering where God is - and what sort of impact God is having on our lives?

I noticed a theme of the album – which was spiritual “immortality”

The pace of the album increases with songs like “Push Push” and “Samyaza” which shows off their ability to blend hard-hitting percussion with dreamy strings and vocals, effectively evoking emotion.

The album crescendos with Samyaza and transitions into the slower paced “world we used to know and “Human/Machine” which contain unique vocals and powerful lyrics

“Oiketerion” and “The Physics of Immortality” (continuing the theme of “immortality” in the album) bring the album to a lull of a conclusion with passionate lyrics – dealing further with the spirituality of ‘death’.

“Then out in the void 

I came to realize 

This death was a lie 

A deception of mind 

So I cast it aside 

Forever alive”